Strange Skeleton with ‘Alien’ Elongated Skull Found at Russia’s Stonehenge

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A skeleton with an unusual-shaped skull has been unearthed on a site known as Russia’s Stonehenge, Arkaim, near Chelyabinsk in central Russia – a settlement dating back almost 4,000 years.


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  1. Trying to imitate aliens. There's also no way aliens that could travel such a far distance are biological. They must be so advanced that they are synthetic organisms

  2. Your telling that they tied up skulls in Russia like that of south America and Egypt 4,000 years ago? And they had no contact with each other?

  3. I believe the these would be the tribe called Cannibals described in Herodotus' "The Histories" that were descendent from the Anukim that were driven out of Canaan by Joshua.

    The artifacts' symbology match those found in Lebanon, Syria, and Israel.

    The elongated skulls are genetically engineered.

  4. If indeed this is about modeling of the skull through binding, one has to ask; On who or what were these people trying to mimic and be more like? I doubt they simply woke up one day and decided, "I think I'll cause deformation to the skull of my kids  just because I can.."
    I suppose it was far easier then trying to stitch extra fingers and toes on themselves  and far more successful.

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