US soldiers Captured a Nephilim giant near a cave in Afghanistan

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US soldiers Captured a Nephilim giant near a cave in Afghanistan Incredible News E3
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  1. Say if this is true. Why do the government always destroys everything they don't understand. God but everything on earth for us to admirer not to cut them open to see how it tick. That's why there are island man cannot enter. Because man is the biggest threat for all our animals that once exist doesn't anymore.

  2. geez some people are gullible who in their right mind wpuld believe this utter bullshit. Oh yeah religious nutjobs

  3. I was there we hunted it down. We surrounding the cave and had it under surveillance. It got one of the guards late at night and took him hostage. Grunting and groaning, it hissed and pissed. We were scared, we entered the cave chasing it. It was lightning fast. We found the remains of our fellow soldier !! Eaten and chewed on. We finally cornered it !!! We said in 4 languages for it to surrender !! It attacked we had to kill or severely wound it. He cought a round or two between the eyes. We tried to save it life but it died. We sent it to the special force Hospital and morgue !! It was huge having 6 fingers. We saved it's balls for the chief to saute and cook for our Victory dinner !! It was better than lobster tail. We're from the Flat Earth part of the military, we know how we never went to the Moon, we know everything's fake, except for the Abominable Snowman, Bigfoot, and this damn thing. I know dream about eating balls from giant creatures, as we search The Flat Earth ! Flat Earth people are special people we know everything without ever going to school, we know the real math, real science, normal people are fooled they think two plus two is four !!!!

  4. Dinosaurs existed. And so too, did monsters. Not to get religious: Genesis 1:20 of the 1611 edition of the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible says that God created "great sea monsters." Of course it was edited out in later versions and replaced with the word "whales" by completely level-headed people who found it preposterous. Then these same level-headed people left in a great flood that covered the tallest mountain on Earth (Mt. Everest at 29,030 feet) by fifteen cubits (22.5 feet,) or the Earth spinning backwards to prove the existence of God, or that earthly females consorted with fallen angels (Gen 6:4,) bearing them giants called the Nephilim (the Watchers.) This, even though a little common sense holds that no female vagina could handle birthing anything that large without it disemboweling its mother like in the 1979 movie Alien.

    The coelacanth still exists: a giant fish that went extinct alongside the dinosaurs. And now it's looking more and more like Megalodon swims amongst us too. What we actually know can fill a thimble. What we think we know can fill the Pacific ocean. And now, it's looking like whoever or whatever is piloting some of those UFOs, are salting this planet with cryptids as some kind of experiment that only "they" will ever understand. A closed mind is a terrible thing to waste, but a guarded one is a gem beholding to its owner. And what will you do when it's proven that the entire universe is but a hologram, controlled by those controllers, controlling them? That beyond what we can know lying at the edge of the universe is simply that which has yet to be filled, with digital pixels? Perhaps maybe, just maybe, given the size and the scope of the cosmos, the program is still loading? And what if it's true that a thousand years with the creator is but a single day for "them?" (II Peter 3:8.) The math says that a ratio of 1000:1 boils down to 1.98:0195. This means that for roughly every two years that go by for us, only twenty minutes go by for "them."

    And while it's true that the second coming never happened, or that it ever will, does not give me license to ridicule those who believe it will.


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