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https://youtu.be/A3eIuPBkT94- Visited by black eyed children/ Paranormal story time/ Sleep Paralysis?

https://youtu.be/3ritH06qT54- Scariest experience of my sons scary imaginary friend/ Paranormal storytime

https://youtu.be/WUfXudcy8m0- Visited by the Devil?!! Paranormal story time

https://youtu.be/FHGq82y4zh8- Scary Ghost hunting experiences/ Paranormal storyitme

https://youtu.be/M9N-8d6rwK4- Growing up in a haunted house/ Paranormal storytime

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  1. Christians get attacked more cos they have no protection.Jesus don't protect shit because he's not real.And even if he was he's evil too.

  2. Am watching these kinda videos bcoz lastnight I had a demon torment me in me dreams & it was presenting it's self as my mother. I knew straight away it was demonic & I woke my self up like 7 times to then realize I'm still dreaming & couldn't get out. In the end my mother and step dad were being all possessive and I decided to ask the Lord for help & they freaked out ! The demon in my step dad grabbed hold of me and covered my mouth while the one in my mother came towards me with a knife. When i finally woke up it was just after 3am. Ever since I found god these have started happening. But thank you for you're story, I'll like 👍

  3. please dont play with all that stuff its the devils way for communication and his workers and they will target you they want to steal,kill and destroy.please repent and stay with the Lord and keep him in your heart and life ,don't let the devil back cause he blinds you and lives off you and your fears and destroy you and your family and friends .The Lord will protect you and God .so please read your bible and build your relationship strong and get rid of all the stuff you used to speak to the bad.love you sister, huggs and kisses on cheek.

  4. I've had several dreams of being either in my own home or someone else's (last night my dream was in my best friend's house) and I either have a strong sense of ghosts/spirits being around and trying to scare me or I just generally feel uncomfortable when I believe a place is haunted in my dreams. I almost am always trying to yell at these spirits and usually what I try to scream out is "Get out of here, get the fuck out of here, you're not welcome," and I can feel myself struggling to get the words out in a strong, authoritative voice. When I wake up I can feel the pressure of where the screams were trying to get out, but couldn't. Last night in my dream, we were about to all go to bed and at one point I was trying to turn the light back on, but it wouldn't come on and that's when I started to panic and called out for my BFF's husband to help me turn the light on or figure out what was wrong. I decided I didn't feel comfortable in their kids' room so I decided to crash on the sofa in the living room. In there I felt something pulling and lifting up my blanket at my feet and I was kicking my feet trying to grab the blanket back to tuck under my feet. At that point I remember my BFF's husband come out and go into the kitchen and then I heard their kids coming in from the back yard like they were gonna sleep out there, but something freaked them out so they came back inside. At that point I woke up and I was just not feeling right after the dream. I also felt a kind of numbness in my body, mostly my arms and hands, but it was also a feeling like I was had been having trouble breathing in the dream, like I had been holding my breath. I just hate the feelings in the dreams and also not feeling right when I wake up. It takes me awhile to get mentally comfortable again. They definitely feel like some kind of spiritual attack, I agree. I did dabble in the Wiccan stuff for 2-3 months after watching the movie The Skeleton Key with Kate Hudson in it because it was about slave history and black magick. It was a really good movie! I never made an altar, but I did cast one spell. It seemed to have worked, but not right away. It never felt good or right and I ended up getting rid of the few things I had bought, though looking back it probably wasn't a good idea to just trash them.

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