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Russians fly orphan bear to new life

January 15, 2019 AmA 0

Russian volunteers have raised money to give an orphaned bear a new home. View Full Article at: BBC News – World

Science & Environment News

Hamish the polar bear turns one

December 23, 2018 AmA 0

Hamish the polar bear celebrates his first birthday in his Highland home. View Full Article at: BBC News – Science and Environment

English TV news

Why Sam Heughan Was Happy Outlander Changed The Bear Book Scene

November 27, 2018 AmA 0

by Duchess Flux The latest episode of Outlander took Jamie in an unexpected direction for book readers, and Sam Heughan was a fan. View Full Article at: CinemaBlend Latest Content

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Nimble bear manages to open car door

October 18, 2018 AmA 0

Footage from a store in Colorado shows the animal breaking into a snow-covered car. View Full Article at: BBC News – Home