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Extinction Rebellion protests block London bridges

November 17, 2018 AmA 0

Demonstrators occupy five major London bridges, causing “significant” traffic issues in the capital. View Full Article at: BBC News – Home

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How to save trees from extinction

November 3, 2018 AmA 0

The world is losing plants at an unprecedented rate with around one in five thought to be at risk of extinction. The race is on to store back-up copies in seed banks. View Full Article [Read More]

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Warming ‘driving bird species to extinction’

October 30, 2018 AmA 0

A new study shows that rising temperatures drive the disappearance of mountain-top bird species in Peru. View Full Article at: BBC News – Home

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Coral reefs ‘weathered dinosaur extinction’

August 10, 2018 AmA 0

Researchers have found that the algae living in coral reefs may have evolved 160 million years ago. View Full Article at: BBC News – Home

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Lemur extinction: Vast majority of species under threat

August 2, 2018 AmA 0

The vast majority of lemur species, unique primates found only in Madagascar, are on the brink of extinction, say scientists. View Full Article at: BBC News – Home

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Netflix’s Extinction Trailer Is Apocalyptic Madness

July 13, 2018 AmA 0

by Jörg Bergmann A trailer for Netflix’s Extinction has hit the web, and it promises an absolutely wild vision of the apocalypse. View Full Article at: CinemaBlend Latest Content

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One in five UK mammals at risk of extinction

June 13, 2018 AmA 0

The red squirrel, the wildcat, and the grey long-eared bat face severe threats, a study says. View Full Article at: BBC News – Home