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Viral fame for Brexit sign language interpreter

November 17, 2018 AmA 0

Social media thought the sign language interpreter captured the current mood in the country about Brexit. View Full Article at: BBC News – Home

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Lal Daggy: Rapping in sign language

October 5, 2018 AmA 0

Kenyan rapper Lal Daggy is deaf and doesn’t speak, relaying his music through sign language. View Full Article at: BBC News – Home

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A Quiet Place’s Honest Trailer Has Plenty Of Whispering And Even Sign Language

July 18, 2018 AmA 0

by Jocelyn777 The latest Honest Trailer keeps things at a library-appropriate decibel level to highlight the good and the bad from John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place. View Full Article at: CinemaBlend Latest Content