Will Kiev use a “dirty” nuclear bomb against Russia?!

A Russian political analyst questioned the possibilities of Ukraine using any possible nuclear weapon against the Russian military.

In an article published by Russia Today, Alexander Nazarov said that, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, Russian forces have taken control of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Nazarov added: At the same time, an agreement was reached with the Ukrainian unit that was working to protect the facility, to work jointly in order to prevent the takeover of it by Ukrainian extremist groups.

Why is the Chernobyl plant so important?
As you know, the Ukrainian President, Vladimir Zelensky, announced his intention to withdraw from the Budapest Memorandum, according to which the Ukrainian state renounced Soviet nuclear weapons on its soil, after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

These statements reveal the intention of Ukraine to acquire nuclear weapons, and its capabilities in this field are very large, given the remnants of the Soviet scientific school and the industrial potential that is still preserved, including in missile science.

But the main obstacle is the lack of plutonium or enriched uranium-235.

This is the isotope of uranium required for a nuclear bomb, and can only be obtained in uranium-graphite nuclear reactors. Ukraine inherited a number of nuclear power plants from the Soviet Union, but only one of those plants used reactors of this type: the Chernobyl nuclear plant.

Now those reactors are closed, but with enough investment, efforts and the help of the West, the production of weapons-grade uranium can be resumed.

But it will also be necessary to solve the problem of nuclear fuel for this plant, which can be obtained either from Russia, which of course will not do this, or from the European company “Orenco”, or Ukraine should begin to cooperate with North Korea.

However, it all takes time, and the Kiev regime does not have that time.
In any case, the special interest of the Russian leadership in controlling the Chernobyl plant is quite understandable.

In addition, the fuel stored there can be used to create a so-called “dirty bomb”. To do this, it is enough just to load the enriched uranium into a missile, bomb or missile. This, of course, would seriously harm the health of everyone working on that bomb, but it’s technically easy to do.

In Ukraine, the Ukrainian authorities are now distributing weapons to the population, including extremists, criminals, passers-by and anyone who wishes to bear arms. Indeed, videos on the Internet show incidents of “friendly fire” between the militias and the Ukrainian army, thinking it was the Russian army, and between the militias, civilian cars and passers-by. In Kiev at night, continuous shooting was heard, even though the Russian army did not enter the city. after. According to reports, several hundred civilians were killed in such skirmishes, some of which were involved with the police.
Chaos is growing in Ukraine, and there is no certainty that armed extremists will not try to gain access to the uranium stored at the Chernobyl nuclear plant.

In principle, the use of the “dirty bomb” by the Kiev regime itself is also not excluded, as the country has enough nuclear reactors and nuclear fuel. The introduction of the issue of nuclear weapons by President Zelensky allows any irresponsible actions.

Nazarov concluded by saying: I hope that the Russian forces will soon control all nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

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