Flexpool, one of the largest Ethereum mining communities, has suspended its dealings with Russia

Flexpool, the fifth-largest Ethereum mining pool, has announced that it will no longer offer its services to customers in Russia.
The decision came in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a stance rejecting “Vladimir Putin’s” military policy and in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Thus, Flexpool becomes the first company in its field to stop its services on Russian soil.
Where the company clarified in a statement, that it usually stands away from politics, but this is a state of war, and the necessary measures had to be taken.

The text of the statement stated:

“We generally do not get involved in politics despite our personal opinions as a company, however, there are
What is greater than politics, and even greater than anything else. This is a war that could destroy the world. that it
It certainly ends the lives of many innocent people in Eastern Europe.”

The company also added in its statement:

“The mining community is open to welcoming back Russian users once the dispute is resolved. we apologize to
Russian miners, we know that many of you are not in favor of war. However, it is you who evaluate your nation. without
People, Russia cannot act.”

Thus, Flexpool is the first cryptocurrency firm to publicly support Ukraine. On the other hand, the mining community revealed that the affected users will receive donated credits.
Flexpool stressed that companies and individuals need to keep current affairs in mind and intervene positively, even at the expense of their profits.

Then we find that mining pool Hiveon is following the example of Flexpool and declaring its solidarity with Ukraine as well.
It is worth noting that the most famous person in the cryptocurrency space who publicly stands by Ukraine is the co-founder of Ethereum “Vitalik Buterin”. The Russian-born programmer described Putin’s actions as a crime against the Ukrainian and Russian people.

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