NATO: There is no war with Russia and we have no forces on the land or the skies of Ukraine

Today, Friday, NATO Secretary of Defense Jens Stoltenberg said that the alliance does not seek war with Russia, and we will not have forces on the ground or aircraft in the skies of Ukraine.

Speaking at a news conference on Ukraine today, Stoltenberg added that the alliance remains committed to keeping the option of diplomacy open.

The Secretary of the NATO Flag stressed that the Allies agreed that there would be no NATO planes in Ukrainian airspace or that it would have forces on its territory.

He explained that the alliance has a responsibility to ensure that the conflict does not spill out of Ukraine.

Stoltenberg predicted that the coming days would be worse for Ukraine while calling on Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop the war and engage in diplomatic efforts.

He pointed out that the fighting in Ukraine could lead to a large-scale war in Europe and exacerbate suffering.

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