Putin warns neighboring countries: Do not inflame the situation

In the midst of the war with Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned neighboring countries not to escalate the situation.

“I advise you not to inflame the situation, not to impose restrictions, we fulfill all our obligations and will continue to fulfill them … We have no bad intentions towards our neighbors,” Putin was quoted by the Russian news agency, Interfax, as saying in Moscow on Friday, adding that he did not see the need to spoil relations.


Putin participated, via video conference technology, in the start-up of a new ferry between “Ust-Luga” near St. Petersburg and the Kaliningrad region on the Baltic Sea.

The ship with a length of 200 meters is designed to transport food and building materials, for example, to the Baltic Sea region.

Because of the Russian war against Ukraine, many Western countries banned Russian planes from flying in their airspace.

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