A serious warning for Android users

Discovering a banking data theft application that has been downloaded thousands of times!

A new report revealed that an Android banking data theft application that was discovered months ago has been downloaded thousands of times through the Google Play Store.

The application is used to steal user data such as passwords and text messages. It was first discovered in May 2021, as it was targeting European banks to steal data from a customer’s two-step verification code, which is sent via text message.

According to the report issued by the online fraud protection company Klevy, the hacking application was developed to be deployed through a two-stage download process and is now targeting users in Russia, Hong Kong, and the United States.

The report indicated that the data theft software had been downloaded more than 10,000 times via the Google Play Store, until the time of its discovery.

According to the report, the T-bot hacking application currently targets more than 400 applications, including home banking applications, insurance companies, and encrypted digital wallets, which is an increase of 400% over last year.

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