Putin’s bodyguards

Rare human traits and they don't get cold or sweat!

Russian President Vladimir Putin surrounds himself with super-capable bodyguards, carrying bulletproof bags and high-powered pistols, tasting his food, and even watching his breath, all with the aim of protecting the Kremlin master from would-be murderers and coup plotters.

Potential threats against Putin have shed light on his guard, most recently on Thursday, after he called and incited US Senator Lindsey Graham to kill him, according to the New York Post.
It seems that Putin, a former KGB officer, is obsessed with his security and health as he protects himself from killers and avoids contracting the Coronavirus at all costs and the evidence of the distance he leaves when meeting presidents and officials.
Recent photos showed him meeting world leaders and even his advisors, leaving a great distance while sitting at meeting tables to maintain a distance of at least 20 feet between them.

Also, he donned a full protective suit with a full-face respirator before visiting a hospital to treat coronavirus patients in Moscow in April 2020.

Putin’s bodyguards, who call themselves the “Knights,” consist of a special unit within Russia’s Federal Protective Service, or FSO, that traces its roots back to 1881, when Tsar Alexander III surrounded himself with guards after his father was assassinated by throwing bombs, according to The Economist.
In parallel, the government-affiliated website Beyond Russia reported that Putin’s bodyguards were chosen for specific qualities that include “psychology”, physical stamina, ability to withstand cold and not sweating in the heat.

The site added that they were equipped with special bags used as a shield to protect Putin, carrying Russian-made 9mm Vektor pistols loaded with armor-piercing bullets.
Before Putin travels to any destination, advance teams explore his destination months ahead of schedule, checking to see how the public is likely to respond, and even if the region will be affected by bad weather or natural disasters.

They also check where he will be staying, install jammers to prevent remote detonation of bombs, and technicians conduct electronic monitoring of mobile phones and other devices in the area.
On the road, Putin drives through a convoy of heavily armored vehicles carrying private military operators armed with AK-47s, anti-tank grenade launchers, and portable anti-aircraft missiles.

While he is surrounded by four security rings when he comes out into the open, starting with his bodyguards, others are hiding in the crowd, still scrutinizing the perimeter, as well as snipers sitting on the rooftops of the surrounding houses.

And in 2018, a bodyguard intervened when famed Irish fighter Conor McGregor put his arm around Putin’s shoulders while they were standing in front of the cameras at the World Cup soccer tournament in Moscow.

A video posted on YouTube showed the guard briefly looking up at McGregor’s posture with a steely look and a gesture to stop, prompting the fighter to quickly remove his arm and fold his hands together.
Also, the FSB has broad authority to carry out its own operations and investigations, including electronic eavesdropping, mail openings, home searches, vehicle seizures, and detaining and interrogating suspects.

Putin’s bodyguards are replaced when they reach the age of 35, but they can be rewarded with new positions such as regional governors, federal ministers, commanders of the special services, and presidential administrators.

In parallel, according to Al-Arabiya.net, Putin has someone who savors every meal served to him to ensure he is not poisoned, according to the Club des Chefs des Chefs, a culinary organization whose members cook for heads of state and kings around the world.
Gilles Braggard told The Telegraph in 2012 that tasters are still only found in the Kremlin, where a doctor checks each dish with the chef.

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