Saint-Germain owners are angry at Neymar and decide to sell him next summer

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The Spanish newspaper “Marca” reported today that the Qatari owners of Paris Saint-Germain are angry at the lackluster level that Brazilian star Neymar has been providing since coming to the team in the summer of 2017, when he did not provide anything. The newspaper said that a French journalist who is very close to the club’s owner, Roman Molina, revealed that the decision was taken to put Neymar on the sale list next summer, and that he is no longer a desirable player in Paris. The Paris club is owned by the Qatar Sports Investment Corporation, while the club’s president is Qatari Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

The journalist stated that the owners were betting heavily this season that Neymar would offer something with his Argentine colleague Lionel Messi, and in light of a group of great stars in the team, most notably the French Mbappe, but the team continued to accumulate frustrations in the European Champions League, the main goal that was done on Its basis is the recruitment of Neymar about four years ago for 222 million euros. It was revealed that the club does not expect a large return from the sale of Neymar, but it has set the level of 100 million euros as a condition to give Neymar to any club willing, and that he will sell it to those who put a higher price.

Saint-Germain received a resounding shock in the Spanish capital, Madrid, at the hands of the Royal Club, where it lost 3-1, and bid farewell to the competition from the price of the final. Neymar cost the French club huge sums, as in addition to 222 million euros, the value of the penalty clause for liberating him from his previous contract with Barcelona, ​​he continued to receive a tax-free net salary of 36 million euros annually, in addition to bonuses and incentives, percentages of advertising revenue, and so on, but he did not football He plays a lot, misses long periods of injury, in addition to his frequent travels, and his preoccupation with fashion shows and birthday parties.

Neymar was always absent from the most important meetings of his team in the Champions League, and despite his participation this season against Real Madrid, but he did not provide anything to be mentioned, to add to this his problem in the dressing room and his clash with the Italian goalkeeper and his colleague Donnarumma, although he denied the story of this dispute, while close to the club They confirmed it.

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