China records the highest death toll from Corona … 3,393 cases in one day

China recorded 3,393 new cases of the mosque virus (Covid-19), today, Sunday, in a record daily toll since the start of the pandemic in February 2020, according to the National Health Committee, while the authorities are rushing to cordon off the outbreak spots by imposing a closure in the relevant regions.

In light of the high number of infections throughout the country, the authorities closed schools in Shanghai and also imposed a quarantine in many northeastern cities, at a time when about 19 provinces are working to contain local outbreaks of the mutant “Omicron” and “Delta”.

A partial closure was imposed in the large city of Jilin in northeastern China, affecting hundreds of neighborhoods in it, an official announced on Sunday. In Yangi, with a population of 700,000, on the border with North Korea, complete closure was imposed.

China, where the virus was first detected in the world in late 2019, adopted a “zero COVID” policy. It deals with new outposts through local closure measures, mass testing of the population, and the application of tracing of infected and contacts. The country’s borders are still almost closed, but this record number of daily infections caused by the mutant Omicron has destabilized this approach.

“In some areas, the intervention mechanism is not robust enough, the understanding of the characteristics of the omicron mutant is also not enough, and the judgment is not correct,” Zhang Yan, a health official in Jilin, said at a press conference.

He added, “This also reflects the rapid spread of the virus in different regions and the lack of medical resources, which led to delays in hospitalization processes and in treating patients.”

He explained that the outbreak of infections shows that “the spread of the Omicron is hidden, highly contagious, rapid and difficult to detect in the early stages.”

Local officials said Jilin residents have undergone six rounds of mass testing. On Sunday, this city recorded 500 cases of the mutant Omicron, and yesterday closed hundreds of the city’s neighborhoods, and the day before yesterday, the neighboring city of Changchun, an industrial center of nine million people, was closed.

State media reported that the mayor of Jilin and the head of the Changchun Health Commission had been sacked.

In Shanghai, the country’s largest city, the authorities preferred to rely on social distancing, with temporary closures of schools, companies, restaurants and malls, instead of mass quarantine operations, and queues were observed in front of city hospitals, while residents rushed to undergo examinations.

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