” Norovirus ” .. a new virus is spreading in Britain !

The British newspaper “The Sun” reported, on Sunday, that the Norovirus infection has begun to spread within the United Kingdom, at a time when British health officials have warned of any symptoms they may face.
Norovirus infection occurs in closed and crowded environments, such as hospitals and schools, and can cause sudden onset of symptoms including severe vomiting and diarrhea.

According to the Mayo Clinic website, this virus is highly contagious, and it usually spreads through contaminated food or water during preparation or spreads through contaminated surfaces, and a person can also become infected by direct contact with an infected person.

Norovirus symptoms usually last one to three days, and most people recover completely without needing treatment, but some need prolonged treatment, such as children and the elderly.

In some cases, norovirus infection can cause severe dehydration, malnutrition and sometimes death.

The “Sun” stated that vomiting and diarrhea are clear symptoms of Norovirus, but some do not know that abdominal and extremity pains and high fever are also a sign of infection with the “bad winter” insect.
Britain’s Health Security Agency has sent out a warning to remind Britons of the symptoms and how to stay safe.

According to “Sky News Arabia”, the reason for the outbreak of Norovirus in Britain is the easing of the restrictions of the Coronavirus, as social contact has increased, and with that, other germs have crept into daily life.

Norovirus, which usually breaks out during the winter, has begun to spread in care homes in England.

“Norovirus, known as the winter vomit bug, has been at lower-than-normal levels throughout the pandemic, but as people start to mingle more, the number of outbreaks is starting to rise again,” said Professor Soheir Gharbiyi, an expert at Britain’s Health Security Agency.

She added: “Symptoms include the sudden onset of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, but can also include a rise in temperature, abdominal pain and pain in the extremities.”

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