Russian negotiator : Talks with Ukraine may reach draft agreements soon

The Russian news agency quoted Leonid Slutsky, a member of the Russian delegation negotiating with Ukraine, as saying on Sunday that the two delegations had made important progress and it was possible that they would reach draft agreements soon, but he did not specify what those projects would deal with.

Slutsky compared the stage of the negotiations to the situation they were in when they began, saying that there is now “significant progress”.

Slutsky made his remarks as Russia’s war on Ukraine continues into its 18th day.

The Russian negotiator said: “According to my personal expectations, this progress may develop in the coming days into a common position for both delegations, and documents ready for signature.”

It is not clear what the scope of any such documents will be. Ukraine has said it is ready to negotiate but will not give in and will not accept ultimatums.

Three rounds of negotiations between the two delegations in Belarus, the most recent of which was on Monday, focused mainly on humanitarian issues and resulted in the limited opening of corridors to civilians fleeing the fighting.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday there had been some “positive shifts” in the talks, but did not elaborate. On Saturday, the Kremlin said discussions between Russian and Ukrainian negotiators would continue via video conference.

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