Trump : “No one is that stupid .. Biden crawls to his knees and begs countries !”

Former US President Donald Trump has attacked his successor, Joe Biden, for his handling of the Ukraine crisis, noting that he is “crawling on his knees and begging” other countries for oil after giving up Russian energy.

“Joe Biden is the most energy-rich president on the planet, but because of his party’s climate hysteria…Biden has stopped US oil and natural gas production,” Trump said during a rally in South Carolina on Saturday.

And now Biden is crawling around the world on his knees and begging for mercy from Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela.
“No one is that stupid,” Trump said, commenting on Biden’s going to other countries in search of oil instead of exploiting natural resources on American soil.

Trump added, according to “Russia Today”, that Biden, with his move, “is also selling the brave people of Cuba and Venezuela, groveling under the feet of the brutal and oil-rich Maduro regime.”

“The whole world is laughing at the United States,” he said, adding that America will not be able to end its dependence on Russian oil before it commits to “ending Biden’s ridiculous war on American energy.”

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