North Korea’s ‘ unspecified projectile launch’ fails

The South Korean military announced that North Korea fired an “unspecified projectile” on Wednesday, but the launch appeared to fail immediately.

“North Korea fired an unidentified projectile from the Sunan area around 9:30 today, but it is estimated that the launch failed immediately after it occurred,” the South Korean military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul said in a statement.

Japanese media, quoting an unidentified defense ministry official, said North Korea had fired what was supposed to be a ballistic missile.

The failed launch was Pyongyang’s 10th military test this year, after seven missile tests and two that North Korea described as a “reconnaissance satellite”.

Seoul and Washington revealed last week that these tests are for a new ICBM system, or the so-called “monster missile,” that has not been tested before.

North Korea is subject to severe international sanctions because of its missile and nuclear programs, but the United States considered these tests a “dangerous escalation” and will not pass without sanctions.

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