CryObo Project “Using Solar Energy to Convert Sunlight into Bitcoin” ” In the UAE

Yesterday, Inc. Epazz announced its CryObo project in the UAE, an important provider of mobile application solutions for blockchain-based cryptocurrency and cloud-based business software solutions.

The CryObo project in the United Arab Emirates uses solar technology to convert sunlight into Bitcoin.


Benefits of the CryObo  project


First, CryObo real estate tokenization will allow real estate developers to raise capital on better terms and allow the token holder to boost token valuations and earned income.

Secondly, CryObo will provide the opportunity to match general market demand by reaching out to commercial real estate companies, asset managers and thus, private investors, investment funds, financial advisors and banking institutions.

Third, token holders will receive a share in the income generated.

Fourth, EPAZZ CryObo technology will use solar energy for sustainable Bitcoin mining and non-fungible tokens for real estate tokenization.

Fifth_ In addition, the company is creating a cooling technology to control the temperature of underground servers.


About CryObo


Its software will be enhanced to give early access companies backed by tangible assets an easy way to access the token markets. The company’s platform will also change how people deal with real estate, digital assets, legion, and raw materials by allowing companies to access the future value of their assets.
Moreover, the growth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies brings new regulations for large financial services companies, which will require a smart case to manage their growing portfolios.




EPAZZ is a leading cloud-based software company specializing in providing customized cloud applications for the corporate, higher education, and public sector worlds.
Epazz 0.3 Inc Epazz is the complete web-based business software package for small businesses
medium-sized companies, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and higher education institutions.

On the other hand, BoxesOS provides a combination of many web-based applications. Also, the organization will need to purchase otherwise separately.
Other EPAZZ products are DeskFlex (room scheduling software) and Provitrac (applicant tracking system).




Investors are encouraged to review EPAZZ, the public filings on gov.SEC and com.otcmarkets including its unaudited and audited financial statements and OTC market filings, which contain general business information about their results of operations and the risks associated with the company and its operations.

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