Oxio … the first internet provider in Canada to accept cryptocurrency payments

Canadian company Oxio announced that it now accepts all bill payments online, through Commerce Coinbase, a platform that enables merchants to accept fully centralized cryptocurrency payments.

Campagna André-Marc, CEO and Co-founder of Oxio, said:

As Canada’s first independent digital internet service provider, Oxio was expected to offer
Its customers have a specially designed online payment method.

The CEO added:

“Canadians are more and more interested in cryptocurrency and we are happy to offer them a way to pay their bills
Using their preferred cryptocurrency, be it Bitcoin, Ethereum or
“Litecoin or other.”

Campagna also notes that 68.31% of millennials have purchased cryptocurrency in the past, providing a crypto-based payment option that clearly fits customer needs.

He also sees that cryptocurrency is a bit unknown to many people, so, the company has done its best to explain exactly what cryptocurrency is.
On the other hand, Oxio is always looking for ways to go further for customers, providing a variety of payment methods.

Previously, the company accepted credit cards, then direct debits from customers’ bank accounts, and now, it accepts cryptocurrency. Campagna explained:

“This initiative will give Oxio a pioneering leadership role, by offering a crypto-friendly alternative.”

Customers will be able to select Coinbase Commerce as a payment option directly in the online customer portal and pay in the currency of their choice, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Day, Ethereum, Litecoin or Tether USD.

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