Israeli newspaper attacks Zelensky and Ukrainians : You were Nazi guards and your schools fake history

Yesterday, the Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, reported that “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused us of abandoning him to his fate. This was the last line of his speech to the deputies but to the entire Israeli public. His words were a direct and blunt attempt to stir up the feelings of the people of Israel and its leadership. Stormy and guilt-filled feelings, and as he told the Americans when they wanted to save him: “I need arms, not free transportation,” he repeated yesterday to Israel as well: What he expects from us is military assistance, weapons and Iron Dome, and important sanctions on Russia. He asked Israel to take a stand, He had a principled position on Bennett’s mediation, in which we agree: It is possible to mediate between states, he said, but not between evil and good.

The Hebrew newspaper pointed out that “it is easy to show solidarity with the young president, who looks like a security friend in the reserve forces, and who heads to us from his hiding place, while his country is destroyed, the dead are piling up in the streets, and the refugees are multiplying. We may understand that whoever fights for his life and life His people, ready to listen to everything that seems to him to disturb the heart of his hearers. It can be accepted that Ukraine turned to Israel to ask for help, and that it met with indifference, calculations and mediation without choosing a party. In this, too, there is no little truth, when we take into account the government faltering in the beginning of the war and that it is still finding it difficult to formulate a crystallized and firm position in support of Ukraine and its attempt to stand on both sides of the spectrum until this moment, and the mistakes that have been and are still being committed in everything related to the absorption of refugees and the sense of shame that many Israelis feel these days, are A comfortable background for the Jewish president, an expert in social networks and certainly a scientist with feelings in Israel. What cannot be approved is the distortion of history and the disturbing analogy that Zelensky has made between the situation in Ukraine and the Jewish catastrophe.”

And with all the kindness of Ukraine and its president, the distance between this and what happened 80 years ago in Europe seems great. And this too if we do not address the trivial fact that, unlike Zelensky, we did not have how, and basically who to turn to. But the most important thing Infuriating in the president’s speech is the way he exaggerates the Ukrainians’ help to the Jews. Maybe it doesn’t matter, and Israel should forget the wounds of the past and not do bloody arithmetic with the Ukrainians. But sitting down to hear the Ukrainian president talk about the choice the Ukrainians made 80 years ago, as if they chose the side of good, and mentioning the lovers of the nations of the world who saved the Jews as if they were the whole Ukrainian people, is a distortion and a lie.

Yedioth reported that “This may be the history they teach in the schools of Ukraine. Zelensky may think that Israel does not know history, and he may also be right. But before this is confirmed in the Israeli consciousness, we should mention what is forbidden to be forgotten: the killing of In the Second World War on the territory of Ukraine between one and a million and a half-Jews. Many massacres took place on its territory, and that was not only in Babi Yar, the place of the largest killing in the fire pits when about 34,000 Jews were killed in two days.It is interesting to see that Zelensky chooses to mention anyone The most criminal places in terms of Ukrainians as if we were talking about a massacre in which his people had no part, while most of the perpetrators were Ukrainians. Not to mention that many Ukrainians were guards in most of the Nazi extermination camps (see the story of Demjanjuk). The killings and anti-Semitism were even there Before the Second World War, such as the Fitliura strikes in which between 50 and 100 thousand Jews were killed, the massacres in Lavov, in Khodarkov, and the “T.H” and “T.T.” disturbances in which about 50 thousand Jews were killed at the hands of Hemlnitsky.

And she considered it “a loss because Zelensky not only asked for help and demanded that Israel take a position, but rather exaggerated distortion and fraud. It is true that Israel must choose the side of good and take a stand and help Ukraine, but it must help it even though the land of Ukraine is saturated with Jewish blood.”

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