Ukraine accuses Russia of kidnapping three Israelis

The Ukrainian government has accused Russian forces of kidnapping three Israelis in Melitopol, in southeastern Ukraine, after their occupation.

“Today in Melitopol, the Russian occupiers kidnapped three Israeli citizens, Tatiana Komuk and her parents Vera and Mikhail Komuk,” Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshuk said in a Facebook post.

Mikhail Komuk was described as a “publisher” and owner of a company, but the Ukrainian authorities did not give any further details.


A “new” attempt to assassinate Zelensky was thwarted


Ukraine’s counterintelligence authorities say they have thwarted a possible assassination attempt on President Volodymyr Zelensky.

A group of Russian “saboteurs” led by an agent of the secret service was arrested in the city of Uzhhorod in the border region between Ukraine, Slovakia and Hungary, according to the Ukrainian (Union) news agency.

According to reports, the group of about 25 men was also tasked with carrying out acts of sabotage in the government district in Ukraine and in other parts of the country.

It was reported that the men were planning to disguise themselves as members of the Ukrainian armed forces in order to make their way to the Ukrainian capital. The authenticity of the report could not be independently verified.

The Ukrainian government says Russian spy teams have tried to reach Kyiv and eliminate Zelensky several times since the start of the war.

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