Dubai Police monitors cryptocurrencies to combat money laundering crimes

Dubai Police uses the best technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain to prevent crimes and accidents.


A senior official stated:

“The Dubai Police’s Cybercrime Unit is monitoring cryptocurrencies to ensure they are not being used.” in money laundering.”


The Deputy Secretary-General for Excellence and Entrepreneurship in Dubai Police, Brigadier Dr. Saleh Al Hamrani, said:

“Technology is changing the world, and the police are part of that change. We are constantly looking for the latest technology to eradicate crime. Cryptocurrency is sometimes used in money laundering and crime operations. Therefore, Dubai Police, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, monitors these currencies. There are also special units to deal with cybercrime and money laundering, as these two departments work together against any illegal use of cryptocurrencies.”


Dubai Virtual Asset Regulation Law


On the 9th of March, the Dubai government announced a law to regulate virtual assets, with the demand for these assets increasing and expanding exponentially. An independent body, the Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA), was also created to oversee the regulation, licensing, and management of NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and other virtual assets.

Speaking on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the World Police Summit, which was held last week in Dubai, for four days, in the presence of thousands of delegates from the world’s top police officials, in addition to representatives of international police bodies, such as INTERPOL, the International Police Leadership Association, the United Nations Police, and others, As Brigadier General Saleh pointed out:

“We will work on the next generation of artificial intelligence technology “AI” to help predict risks, Let’s prepare for it internally and externally. The use of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology will help
Blockchain, and predictability, build a solid ground for police preparedness. well improve Response time and speed in dealing with such incidents.”


Brigadier General Dr. Saleh added:

“The World Police Summit was hosted this year 2022 to exchange and share the best experiences, So as to benefit from each other’s experiences.

Some countries have achieved the best performance in some areas. For example, Europe is very good at Where lower rates of accidents, deaths. As the United States best administrative procedures
technology, and crime prevention.

And in Dubai Police, we have the best expertise in certain areas: dealing with crimes. as you work Police Academy with Traffic Department to reduce the death rate, how to control the management of city affairs
To make it safer. It is the starting point for good initiatives.”


Finally, Dubai is one of the most important cities in the world for the use of technology in all aspects of life. With the advent of cryptocurrencies, and “NFT” tokens, it seeks to regulate them to be more secure and easier to use.

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