Secret daughter and wife of ” Putin ” in Switzerland .. and a petition calling for their expulsion !

Tens of thousands signed a petition calling for the deportation of “Vladimir Putin’s mistress” from Switzerland, a 38-year-old former gymnast named Alina Kabaeva, whose father is a Tatar Muslim.

The petition, which described Kabaeva as the “wife of a deplorable dictator”, is in English, French and German, and also called for her to be stripped of her medals at international games.

More than 60,000 people signed the petition, most of whom chose the words “with great caution” as an answer to a clause in the petition asking “to determine if there is a reason for this person to reside in your country”, and they also demanded to verify the “cleanliness” of money you used to buy real estate in Switzerland.

In the petition about the mistress also, she became one of the most crowned gymnasts in Russia, after winning a gold medal in the 2004 Summer Games in Athens, and then she has been romantically associated with Putin since 2008, and then drew the attention of the Swiss and international press with the news of her birth in 2015 in the Italian city of Lagano The language is in the Swiss canton of Techno, and that the girl’s father was Putin himself.

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