The truth of the picture of a Ukrainian farmer towing a Russian fighter

The photo was published in an article on May 26, 2011 by the Croatian daily

As the war in Ukraine continues, a wave of false and misleading claims about the conflict continues to spread in the virtual world.

A picture of a tractor pulling a military plane was posted online, which social media users claimed showed a Ukrainian farmer seizing a Russian plane.

While there have been reports of Ukrainian farmers actually stealing Russian military equipment, this claim that a Russian fighter jet was taken over by a Ukrainian farmer is incorrect.

Commenting on the photo, he wrote: “A Ukrainian farmer seized a Russian military plane.” The post received thousands of interactions on various social media sites in several countries around the world, including the Czech Republic and Hong Kong.

According to the AFP fact-finding service, this photo was taken at an exhibition in 2011 to celebrate the anniversary of the Croatian armed forces, with the national emblem of Croatia on the tail of the plane.


The photo was published in an article on May 26, 2011 by the Croatian daily “Jutarnji”, and there are pictures from a different angle of the operation to drag the plane on the night of the exhibition in the capital, Zagreb, published on the website of the Croatian Ministry of Defense.

The newspaper stated that the photo was taken during preparations for a display of military weapons to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of the Croatian Armed Forces.

There have been reports of Ukrainian farmers pulling captured Russian military equipment, as ordinary people show resistance to the war on their country by the Kremlin.

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