Zelensky : Ukraine will not accept any result other than victory

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has stated that his country will not accept any result in the fight against Russian forces other than victory.

In an interview with “Fox News”, Zelensky said, “The preservation of the country’s territory is not up for discussion.”

He added: “It is difficult for us to talk about NATO because the latter does not want an implication to it. I think this is a mistake because if we join NATO, we will make it stronger. We are not a weak country. We do not suggest that they make us stronger at the expense of NATO.” We are an addition, we are the locomotive. I think we are one of the important elements of the European continent.”

He added that the United States was now considering a proposal by Kyiv regarding its participation in a security agreement that would provide long-term support to Ukraine.

According to Zelensky, Russian President Vladimir Putin will continue his aggression in Europe to bypass Ukraine, and he will get what he wants unless he is stopped now.

“Everyone should know that if the noose is tightened on us, the Ukrainian army will respond with full force,” he explained.

Zelensky added that his country is looking forward to obtaining commitments from the “leading countries” that Ukraine’s security will be protected through a treaty if it agrees to de-escalation with Russia, and reiterated his belief that Ukraine will be a useful country for NATO.

Asked whether he had launched an attack on a Russian military depot on the territory of Russia using helicopters, Zelensky replied, “Sorry, I do not discuss any of my orders as commander-in-chief of the army.”

Zelensky said his army does not need flak jackets and special helmets, but prefers heavy weapons.

He said, “Give us only missiles and planes. You can’t give us F-18 or F-19 planes. Give us old Russian planes. That’s all. Give us something to defend my country.”

Zelensky’s comments come as what Russia calls a “special military operation” in Ukraine enters its second month.

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