Macron supports new sanctions against Russia

French President Emmanuel Macron announced Monday morning his support for imposing new sanctions on Russia, due to the Russian special military operation in Ukraine.

Macron indicated that the new sanctions against Moscow will address the issue of banning the import of various oil derivatives and Russian coal to European countries, stressing that the decision will be taken collectively at the European level.

Regarding the Ukrainian events of Bosha, Macron commented during an interview on “France Inter” radio, saying: “I think that what happened in Busha obliges us to introduce a new package of sanctions and measures against Moscow, we will coordinate with our European partners and we will take additional measures.”

He continued, “I support the sanctions, which relate in particular to cutting off oil and coal supplies from Russia completely.”

“In the coming days, consultations should take place at the European level. In any case, this is my wish,” Macron added.

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