Kyiv accuses Hungary of ‘ helping Putin ‘ in his war on Ukraine

Yesterday, Kyiv accused Hungary of “helping” Russian President Vladimir Putin in his war on Ukraine, a day after Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said he was ready to buy Russian gas in rubles, unlike other European Union countries.

“Budapest has moved to the next stage: helping Putin to continue his attack on Ukraine,” Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko said in a statement, adding that Hungary, with its stance, “destroys the unity of the European Union.”

He stressed that Kyiv “considers Hungary’s statements that it is ready to buy Russian gas in rubles as an unfriendly stance against our country,” considering also that the Hungarian proposal to organize Russian-Ukrainian peace talks in Budapest is “ridiculous.”

“If Hungary really wants to end the war, this is what it should do: stop destroying the unity of the European Union, support the imposition of new sanctions against Russia, and help Ukraine militarily (…), not create additional funding sources for the Russian military machine,” he added.

Nikolenko denounced “the reluctance of Hungarian leaders to acknowledge Russia’s responsibility for the atrocities of the Russian army in Bucha, Erbin and Gostomel”, where in recent days the bodies of dozens of civilians were found. He pointed out that this “may reinforce Russia’s sense of impunity, and encourage the commission of new atrocities.”

Russia “categorically” rejected these accusations, denouncing the Ukrainian “fabrication” of corpse scenes.

The European Union is studying a new package of sanctions, including for the first time, measures targeting the energy sector, with a ban on purchases of coal from Russia, and the closure of European ports to Russian ships.

The two daughters of Putin and a number of Russian oligarchs are expected to be added to the European Union’s blacklist, according to the document seen by AFP.

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