Parliamentary investigation committee recommends launching prosecutions against two Trump associates

Yesterday, the US House of Representatives announced its support for launching legal proceedings against two associates of former President Donald Trump, for refusing to testify in a parliamentary investigation into the Capitol attack.

Dan Scavina, who was responsible for Trump’s social media accounts when he was president, and Peter Navarro, the former president’s economic advisor, have been referred to the federal prosecutor’s office, which is supposed to decide whether to charge them with “attempting to obstruct an investigation of Congress.”

Neither of them agreed to testify before a parliamentary committee tasked with detailing the attack on the Capitol, in which thousands of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol to try to prevent lawmakers from certifying Democrat Joe Biden’s victory.

It is suspected that Scavino was with Trump on January 5, 2021, on the eve of the attack, and that he attended a discussion on how to persuade members of Congress not to complete this endorsement.

Democratic Parliamentary Committee Chairman Benny Thompson said Navarro, for his part, “has made no secret of his role in maneuvering to nullify the results of the 2020 election, even speaking of supporting the former president in his plans.”

The committee had previously recommended the prosecution of former Trump chief of staff, Mark Meadows, and former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, for refusing to testify. Ivanka Trump, the former president’s daughter who worked with him as an advisor, was reported to have testified about the Capitol events before the committee on April 5.

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