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The Essentials of Music Healing Therapy

August 15, 2017 AmA 0

There are four basic, essential principles to using music in healing and sound therapy. These four principles are: brainwave entrainment, intention, sympathetic resonance and pure tone. While these terms may sound complicated, they are very [Read More]


Cats: Dangerous House Plants

August 8, 2017 AmA 0

by bezembinder Although we think of cats as carnivores, in fact many are fond of vegetables and other plant material. Although food preferences vary with individual cats, many will sample a plot of grass outdoors, [Read More]



August 7, 2017 AmA 35

A virus is a small infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of other organisms. Viruses can infect all types of life forms, from animals and plants to microorganisms, including bacteria and archaea. [Read More]


Development Stages Of Child’s Vision

August 4, 2017 AmA 0

by raffaele rossiello A child’s vision develops significantly during the first year of life but continues to develop during the preschool years. When a child is born they have the mechanism for vision but need [Read More]