Tech Geeks

A serious warning for Android users

March 6, 2022 AmA 0

A new report revealed that an Android banking data theft application that was discovered months ago has been downloaded thousands of times through the Google Play Store. The application is used to steal user data [Read More]

Tech Geeks

How to Create a YouTube channel

February 27, 2022 AmA 0

YouTube users can create channels on it, and here are the steps for creating a YouTube channel through both a computer and a mobile phone. Create a YouTube channel from the computer There are many [Read More]

Science & Environment

How To Build A Rocket

February 22, 2022 AmA 0

Rockets – They are one of the most enjoyable pyrotechnic devices. Small lightweight rockets can be made using Black powder, which is used popularly as rocket propellant and is easy to mix. We have explained [Read More]