Bybit and coming soon in Dubai

April 2, 2022 AmA 0

It seems that the Dubai World Shopping Center has become the focus of attention of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and the most famous exchanges are rushing to establish a long-term residence in Dubai to become [Read More]


Taiwan Takes a Future Step Toward Cryptocurrency

March 13, 2022 AmA 0

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has formalized the designation of trading activities surrounding cryptocurrencies. Moreover, a specialized body was appointed to oversee these operations. This development comes after years of regulatory uncertainty in the [Read More]

Tech Geeks

A serious warning for Android users

March 6, 2022 AmA 0

A new report revealed that an Android banking data theft application that was discovered months ago has been downloaded thousands of times through the Google Play Store. The application is used to steal user data [Read More]